Sanitation is Key

At Silhouette Spa and Laser, sanitation is extremely important to us. We follow rigorous Fraser Health guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing our equipment and instruments to ensure a hygienic environment for our clients and estheticians.

Why is cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization important?

Germs and infections can be spread from client to client and from client to esthetician in treatment rooms and spas if equipment and instruments are not properly cleaned, disinfected, or sterilized between use.

What is the difference between cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization?

Cleaning removes dirt, impurities, and germs from surfaces and is required before proper disinfection or sterilization. Items can be cleaned through scrubbing with detergent and warm water.

Disinfection kills most disease-producing micro-organisms, such as bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, viruses, and some bacterial endospores.

Sterilization destroys all microbial life, including bacteria, bacterial endospores, viruses, and fungi.

What cleaning products are used at Silhouette Spa and Laser?

At our spa, we use PREempt™ (formally ACCEL) Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Infection Control Products. ACCEL is manufactured by Virox Technologies Inc., a leading Canadian manufacturer for cleaners, disinfectants, and chemosterilant products. PREempt™ products are designed to prioritize cleaning performance, germicidal efficacy, personal health & safety, and environmental sustainability.

What sanitation procedures take place at Silhouette Spa and Laser?

Here is a summary of our sanitation procedures at the spa:

Multi-Use Equipment and Instruments

  • All items that can be disinfected (i.e. items made of hard materials with smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, or plastic) are thoroughly scrubbed with soap and warm water to remove foreign and organic materials and then are air dried. Critical items (i.e. equipment/instruments which puncture the skin, or are in contact with the puncture site) are immersed in the sterilant and high level disinfectant PREempt™ CS20™ for a minimum of 20 minutes. Following the soaking period, items are rinsed with water and further sterilized in a steam sterilizing autoclave. Critical items include electrolysis tweezers.
  • Semi-critical items (i.e. equipment/instruments intended to contact non-intact skin or a mucous membrane, but not penetrate it) are immersed in the sterilant and high level disinfectant PREempt™ CS20™ for a minimum of 20 minutes. Following the soaking period, items are rinsed with water. Semi-critical items include tweezers, eye goggles, scissors, nail clippers, nail nippers, cuticle scissors, cuticle pushers, non-porous callous removers, and metal foot files.
  • Non-critical items (i.e. equipment/instruments which are only in contact with intact skin) are immersed in high level disinfectant PREempt™ Hydrotherapy for a minimum of 5 minutes. Following the soaking period, items are rinsed with water. Non-critical items include treatment beds, client chairs and benches, arm rests, work counters and table tops, manicure UV-light cabinets, epilators, trays, magnifying lamps, and instrument containers.
  • Laser equipment is wiped down after every client with PREempt™ Ready-To-Use wipes, a surface cleaner and disinfectant wipe containing Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide.

Single Use Items

Single use items are those that consist of porous materials such as cloth, wood, or other absorbent materials with rough surfaces. These items are discarded after a single use.

  • Single use items include disposable razors, emery boards, nail and foot files, foam sandals, toe separators, wooden applicators, wooden cuticle sticks, buffing blocks, foot/nail sanding bands, paraffin wax, disposable cuticle pushers, facial lancets and needles, disposable extractor loops, waxing applicators, disposable gloves, spatulas, tissues, gauze pads, cotton balls, cotton swabs, sponges, and wipes.


  • Treatment tables, pillows, and headrests are covered with fresh, clean sheets or towels at the start of each treatment and between each client.
  • Used linens are removed from the treatment room immediately following treatment and are stored in a covered hamper until they are laundered.
  • Linens are laundered daily and white linens are laundered with bleach.
  • Linens are dried at the highest temperature setting in a clothes dryer.
  • Clean linens are covered and stored in a clean environment prior to use.

Esthetician Hygiene

  • Estheticians diligently adhere to hand hygiene procedures through proper and frequent hand washing and the use of gloves.
  • Estheticians must wear protective coverings (e.g. goggles, gloves, or masks) during procedures as required.
  • Estheticians are required to maintain good personal hygiene.

If you have further questions about our sanitation procedures at Silhouette Spa and Laser, please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff members or estheticians. Our clients’ safety and comfort is our priority.



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