Silhouette Cares – Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center

Silhouette Cares – Supporting Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center in Abbotsford

One of our priorities at Silhouette Spa and Laser is to give back to the community. As animal lovers, we are proud supporters of animal-related charities and regularly make monthly monetary donations, contribute gift cards for event fundraisers and auctions, and attend the charities’ events and activities throughout the year.

Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center in Abbotsford is just one of several animal charities that we wholeheartedly support. Established in 1986, Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center became a non-profit organization in 1999. Elizabeth Melnick is the founder and primary wildlife rehabilitator of the center. She began the rescue center from her home and then expanded it into her backyard by adding various aviaries and animal housing facilities.

Today, the Center is a fully-functioning, 4-buliding facility caring for hundreds of injured and orphaned wild birds and animals from all over the Fraser Valley. Over one thousand animals are admitted to the Center each year and approximately half are fully rehabilitated and re-released into the wild. Each and every animal that is admitted to Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center is carefully assessed, given necessary treatment, rehabilitated, and released back into its natural environment once it is fully recovered. The Center concentrates its efforts on their Rehabilitation and Release Program, as well as their Community Education Program to teach the public about their work and increase awareness and knowledge of local wild animals.

Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center is the only place in the Abbotsford area that provides permanent and safe rehabilitation for wildlife and educates the general public about wild animals. The Center receives injured animals from multiple sources, including the SPCA, local police and fire departments, veterinarians, and residents of Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley. Without the existence and efforts of the Center, these animals would otherwise be euthanized.

Due to government policy, tours of the Center are not permitted. However, once a year, the Center hosts an Open House so patrons can learn more about the work being done at the Wildlife Center and partake in train rides, face painting, and a tour of the facility.

As valued donors of Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center, the staff at Silhouette Spa and Laser were invited to attend the Center’s annual Open House at the end of August this year. We enjoyed cuddling some rehabilitated possums, getting our faces painted, touring the animal housing facilities, and learning more about their active Rehabilitation and Release Program. We are proud and honoured to support their efforts of caring for and rehabilitating vulnerable wildlife.< To learn more about Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center and to find ways you can support their efforts, please visit their website at or call 604-852-9173.



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