Enhance your lash line with soft and elegant eyelash extensions. These extensions are comfortable and very lightweight, adding curl, length and thickness without weighing down the eyelids.

At Silhouette, we offer Classic, Hybrid and Volume lashes. In Classic lashing, the technician adds one artificial eyelash to each one of your eligible natural lashes to create a beautifully sophisticated look.  In Volume lashing, the technician adds 2-3 lightweight artificial eyelash extensions to each one of your eligible natural lashes for a fuller and more glamorous look.  A Hybrid lash look combines the Classic and Volume looks to give a natural and airy lash. We have many different lengths to customize your desired look from natural to dramatic. Your lash technician will discuss your desired look with you before applying any lashes.

Eyelash extensions stay adhered to your lashes until your natural lash sheds. Each individual’s lash cycle varies but normally we recommend a fill approximately every 2-3 weeks to maintain your desired look.

All products are all Health Canada and FDA approved.

Classic – $132Classic – $54-$64Eyelash Removal – $35
Hybrid – $152Hybrid – $74Upcharge for Filling Lashes Done Elsewhere – $15
Volume – $168Volume – $82

“Classic” Lash Pictures

“Hybrid” Lash Pictures

“Volume” Lash Pictures

*Please note, due to the uniqueness of each individual’s eye shape and eyelash base condition (natural lash thickness, length, ability to support artificial lash etc), end result may appear slightly different than pictures.


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