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Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Enjoy freedom from the pain and embarrassment of cuts, in-growns, stubble, and shadows!

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Silhouette Spa and Laser is proud to offer permanent laser hair reduction with the LightSheer diode laser. The LightSheer diode is often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ in permanent laser hair reduction and has been cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction on all skin types.

At Silhouette Spa and Laser, we start you with a free consultation to answer all of your questions and to determine whether you are a good candidate for laser hair removal. Consultations and treatments are done by our certified laser technician, Mira. Mira has a Bachelor of Science degree, a diploma in Advanced Medical Esthetics, and a great deal of experience in the field. Transgender Friendly.


Laser hair reduction devices emit light that is attracted mainly to the pigment in hair follicles. The pigment absorbs the light and disables hair follicles that are in their active growing phase. Because the light is attracted to the pigment in the hair, the more pigment there is in the hair the better. As such, laser cannot treat white, grey, red, or blonde hair.

The number of treatments that a person will need depends on their hair type/color/density, their hormones, their genetics, and the amount of reduction that they desire. On average, many people find that getting about 6 treatments vastly reduces the amount of hair in the treatment area. Any hairs that are left will likely be much finer and lighter than they originally were. Often, people opt to get an occasional maintenance treatment to maintain their results after their initial series of treatments.

The laser pulse only lasts for a small fraction of a second. Our laser is equipped with a chilled tip to cool the skin and increase client comfort before and after each pulse. Most clients find the pulse comparable to a mild snap by a rubber band and generally find it quite tolerable.

Laser can only treat hairs that are in their active growing phase. Hairs in their active growing phase are attached to a blood vessel called the dermal papilla. The laser works on the dermal papilla in order to disable the hair follicle. Hairs that aren’t in their active phase at the time of treatment will not be disabled; however, in time, inactive hairs will cycle into their growth phase. The length of time that it takes hairs to cycle into their active phase depends on the area of the body (usually about 4-8 weeks). Treatments are spaced 4-8 weeks apart depending on the body area so that we can try to catch the hairs as they cycle into their active phase.

The laser that we use is the LightSheer diode. This laser has been FDA approved for permanent reduction.

Some mild redness and itching is normal following treatment. Many people find that any redness often disappears within an hour or two after treatment. People who receive a treatment on their face usually feel comfortable getting it done during their lunch hour and then going right back to work.

Sideburns – $60
Ears – $50+
Upper Lip – $50
Chin – $60
Lip & Chin – $80
Neck - $60
Lower Face – $110
Full Face – $110
Upper Body
Nape – $70
Underarms – $75
Forearms (Women) - $115
Forearms (Men) – $130
3/4 Arms (Women) -$150
3/4 Arms (Men) – $165
Full Arms (Women) – $170
Full Arms (Men) – $195
Mid Section
Areola – $70
Chest or Stomach – $120
Chest & Stomach - $195
Navel – $55
Treasure Trail – $60
Half Back – $120
Full Back – $195
Lower Body
Full Legs – $295
Lower Legs – $165
Thighs – $170
Feet & Toes – $60
Bikini – $115
Female Brazilian – $140
Buttocks – $150
Information! *Please call us at 604-858-SKIN (7546) to inquire about pricing for areas not mentioned above.